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Case studies

o A 25-year-old pregnant woman with abdominal pain

o A 16-year-old male with complaints of muffled hearing and ear pain

o A 48-year-old man with groin pain

o E.N.T. Case # 1

o Organic psychosis

o Question (1) Post partum ....... ?!

o OCD Obssesive Compulsive Disorder

o pediatrics emergency

o 4 weeks old with rectal bleeding

o What's this?

o A 22 month year old boy with fever and a rash

o unilateral breast enlargement in 1 yr old girl

o case discussion 2 (peds)

o A good question [haematology]

o case discussion 1 (peds)

o What's wrong with this ECG?

o Hypertension in a 35-year-old man

o A 17-year-old boy collapsing during a football practice session

o A 35-year-old male with complaints of abdominal pain and fever

o A Case of Palpable Purpura, Swollen Legs, and Joint Pains

o Acid base balance (2)

o 39 years old male with (bloody ascitis)

o A 58-year-old man with severe dizziness and vomiting

o A case of thrombocytopenia

o Question 2 [Arthritis]


o A good case : Facial Droop, Slurred Speech and Afib

o what happened to this patient?

o Test your knowledge

o Common Cases

o Acid base balance (1)

o CASES (anatomy)

o Are you good at applied anatomy?? :) Give these a try

o CASES (microbiology)


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